State Cert. CPC057026   


  • 20 years in business with ORIGINAL owners as Ashton Pools & Spas, Inc.
    Insures consumers they are dealing with a reputable company
    Over 60 years combined owner experience
  • Former member of the BBB with ZERO complaints or issues
    Gives consumers confidence to do business with or refer Ashton Pools & Spas, Inc.
    80% of our work is based upon referral from previous customers or home builders
  • Owners do sales and supervise all crews
    Cuts out the middleman-salesman, super, etc.- deal directly with owners
    Allows for in house crews
    Allows for higher standards of quality
  • Financially strong
    We have the resources to deliver what we promise
    It's not necessary to sell another pool to finish your pool
    Shorter completion times; stronger customer service after the sale
  • State certified commercial pool contractor
    Commercial pools are held to a very strict standard of quality by state officials
    Allows us to bring that standard of quality to the homeowner
    A step above residential contractors who are used to zero quality control by state officials
    We have built 200 sq.-ft. home-owner pools to 5000 sq. ft. community pools
  • More standard features; higher quality standard features
    Our concrete pool shells have 8" thick walls and floor on average- code is 6"
    Dedicated vac lines, main drain lines
    Lube free valves, high end pumps and equipment
  • Computer designed drawings
    Allows for more detailed and accurate drawings to scale
    Homeowner has a clearer vision of the project
    Less problems or confusion during construction process
    3-D image of pre-built pool available upon request - Click Here to view samples.
  • Convenient office location
    Allows homeowner to contact our company before, during and after pool is complete
    Color room with large selection of tile and deck samples
  • Financing or credit card acceptance available- Master Card, Visa or Discover
    Allows customer to make payments with debit or credit at our office
  • Member of the United Pool and Spa Association
    Invitation only group to elite commercial and residential pool contractors
    Members include engineers, state officials, pool designers, pool builders etc.
    Allows us to keep up with changing codes and laws within the pool industry
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